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Conditions of Use

1, Terms and Conditions – These Terms and Conditions represent the final and complete agreement of the parties and it is not beneficial to amend or change the provisions of this system unless they are submitted in writing, signed and approved by our company agent. Resumption by any modification of these terms shall be in accordance with the receipt of the purchaser, the request for shipment or similar forms containing additional terms and conditions or in conflict with the provisions of this printed law. Such declaration or contract shall not affect the validity of any other phrase, paragraph or text contained in This document.


2, Accept the order – All orders are subject to confirmed written price of our company’s staff only designated for prices for a fixed period of time. Shipping of goods without confirmation of written prices does not constitute acceptance of the price stated in the application.


3, replacement – our company reserves the right to replace an alternative product with products of similar quality and quality function without notice in advance,. If the buyer does not accept a replacement, the buyer should declare that special replacement is not allowed when the buyer asks for the quotation, if the request is for a quotation, or if there is no request for a quotation, when you place an order with our company.

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