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Shipping & returns

Shipping & Returns

1 – Four days to retrieve the goods from the date of receipt

2. The following items can not be returned or replaced: Bodyshot (tight clothes), underwear, sleepwear, swimwear,

3 – The goods are returned as they were in the case of receipt with the box and the price
4. In case of refund, the amount of the freight or the tax shall not be returned
5- Any additional fees shall be taken into account during the refund of the amount as bank transfer fees
6- The goods shall be replaced within a period of four days from the date of receipt. No replacement shall be permitted unless the replacement goods are in their natural condition as they were upon receipt with the box and the price.
7 – There may be delay in the date of delivery and shipping because of the congestion of roads sometimes or circumstances outside of our will or the will of the shipping company
8- The company is not responsible for not receiving the goods in case of arrival to you. In this case, the terms of the refund or replacement shall apply

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